Filter Bubble Training Packet

The training materials below are designed for graduate students enrolled in a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program. The information presented does require an internet connection, but the online or in-person status of the program itself is immaterial, as the training packet should be of interest and use to all future information professionals.

Students may work through the modules independently, but instructors should consider how to best encourage discussion in their classes. For some programs, it may make sense for faculty to dedicate discussion boards to each module and include prompts to get the conversations started. Other teachers may choose to reserve some class time for a live discussion of the topics covered. Another option, if the program utilizes student blogs, is to ask students to reflect on each lesson on their own blog in a post, and then to read what their classmates write and comment. If more than one section of a course is working through this training material, instructors should limit online discussions so that each section has its own conversation; otherwise, students may find the comments too sprawling or the sheer number overwhelming and choose not to engage. “Questions to Consider” are provided in the modules and should be used to spark discussion, whether written or verbal, public or private, virtual or in-person.

Module 1: Filter Bubbles, How to Pop 'Em All, Why You Should Care

Please begin this two part training with Module 1, as Module 2 builds on what you learn. Begin Module 1

Module 2: Privacy & Information Professionals